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Businessman Jailed for ‘Crash for Cash’ Contempt

The man claimed that his Audi had been involved in a fender-bender with a BMW. He sought compensation for alleged injuries and the cost of hiring a replacement car. However, his case was ‘wholly fraudulent’ and was discontinued before it reached court. He was ordered to pay the insurers’ substantial legal costs.

The insurers launched proceedings against him on the basis that sworn statements he had made in pursuit of

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Controversial Employment Tribunal Fees Are Lawful

Access to ETs and the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) was free of charge until July 2013, when the Government for the first time introduced fees. Since that time, there has been a dramatic decline in the number of cases being heard. Only those on very low incomes are exempted, or partially exempted, from the charges.

Challenging the fees, the trade union Unison argued that they were unlawful under domestic and

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Wheelchairs, Buses and Disability Discrimination

A man who was confined to a wheelchair sued the company under the Equality Act 2010 after a mother with a sleeping child in a buggy refused to vacate a wheelchair bay on an urban bus. Although the driver asked the mother to move, he did not insist and the man was forced to dismount because he could not be safely carried.

A judge found that what had happened amounted

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Suffering Marital Breakdown? Compromise is the Key!

The couple, both intelligent professional people aged in their 30s, had built up a pool of assets worth £321,159 during their four-year marriage. After the separated, they had engaged in lengthy and bitter proceedings in respect of the division of that pot and the future care of their three-year-old daughter. Between them, they had spent £234,000 on legal costs.

In splitting the assets between them, a divorce judge awarded £207,830

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