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‘Perfect Adopters’ Heartbroken by Mistaken Identity

The couple – A and B – had provided a home for the boy – C – when he was seven months old because his drug addict mother could not care for him. They put their all into parenthood for over a year before it emerged that social workers had wrongly identified the boy’s father as the natural mother’s current boyfriend.

When his real father came forward – his paternity

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Defiant Mum Narrowly Escapes Being Jailed for Christmas

The mother claimed that her daughter became 'visibly distressed' at the prospect of seeing her father and that she 'cannot force' her to have contact with him. In a letter to the Family Court, the 'confident' youngster herself insisted that 'nobody was listening to her' and that she was against her dad even setting eyes on her.

However, in disobedience to a court order and under threat of imprisonment

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Saudi Prince Faces $6 Million Bill for Standing on Protocol

Two foreign companies had launched petitions against each other under the Companies Act 2006 in a case which involved allegations and counter-allegations of money laundering, financial misappropriation and funding of terrorism. Various individuals were also parties to the litigation, including the prince.

He was directed by a judge to disclose evidence in a sworn statement. However, he objected to that order on the basis that, as a member of the

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Family Court Confronts Fall-Out from Human Trafficking

The Romanian-born teenager, of Roma descent, lived in Spain with her family until her mother allegedly sold her to a young man when she was aged just 13. He was said to have trafficked her to the UK and to have repeatedly raped and abused her, also forcing her to steal for him, before she eventually escaped his clutches.

She had thrown herself on the mercy of a local authority,

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