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Developer’s Nightmare of Council Maladministration

The company had purchased land in the council’s area with the benefit of planning consent and had begun building new homes after it received confirmation that the conditions attached to the permission had been satisfied. The need to raise the level of the site had been fully disclosed during the planning process.

However, neighbouring landowners complained about the raised site level and the council contended that works had been carried out without consent. It subsequently took enforcement action requiring the restoration of the land to its original level and the demolition of various structures, including four new homes.

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What Happens When a Tenant Stays On After Lease Expires?

Following the end of a previous five-year lease, negotiations between landlord and tenant with a view to executing a new one had continued in a somewhat desultory fashion. Fresh terms had eventually been agreed in principle but, prior to execution of a new lease, the tenant announced that he had found alternative premises.

The landlord successfully argued before the High Court that, after the expiry of the lease, the tenant had continued to occupy the office under a periodic yearly tenancy and that six months’ notice of termination was therefore required.

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High Court Rules on Ill-Fated Oil Shipping Contract

Company A had agreed by two contracts to sell and ship consignments of oil to company B. The latter had made an advance payment of $3.2 million; however, the contracts came to nothing because the cargo could not be sourced. Company B asked for its money back but company A replied that it was having ‘problems with immediate cash’.

Following negotiations, company B agreed that, rather than seeking the immediate


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Child Who Saw Mother Killed to Remain in Foster Care

The deeply traumatised youngster will always have to live with the memory of seeing her father stab her mother more than 50 times. The tragedy was compounded by the fact that G witnessed the crime and suffered injuries inflicted by her father as she bravely sought to protect her mother. She was found by the emergency services, covered in blood, in the same room as her mother's body.

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